About Astana Speakers Bureau

The organizing concept, fundamental to the continued success of Astana Speakers Bureau (ASB) remains our humble commitment to our three mission statements. Think, Lead, Inspire.


ASB prides itself on being a globe-spanning network of world-renowned thought-leaders, influential political figures, famed economists,motivational trailblazers, distinguished diplomats, exemplary sports persons, reputable celebrities, Nobel laureates, groundbreaking scientists amongst other intellectual dignitaries that can make an impact. With an esteemed history of linking powerful minds and seamlessly facilitating international connections, ASB is proud to continue its tradition of creating opportunities for innovation and growth through the limitless power of exchanging and sharing ideas.


Our professional team of experts has access to a versatile repertoire of speakers from around the world who are emerging leaders and innovators of their fields. We specialize in connecting the right event with the right speaker to achieve high engagement and deliver constructive results.Our experience in the speaking and media journalism industry have been driving factors in our continued success as we continue to connect audiences and speakers to maximize our positive impact. Our commitment to communication, integrity and inclusion each year allows us to expand our networking capabilities.


We specialize in taking care of the contractual and logistical work to give our expert speakers the opportunity to seamlessly continue to meet their ever-expanding audiences. ASB is proud to continue the tradition of connecting influentialand other experts in a growing number of disciplines, and the thought-leaders throughout the world with other top minds to create diverse and impactful networking opportunities.

Our priority is to meet your objectives and connect our leaders with the innovators and thought-leaders of the future. We thrive on creating an expansive and seamless ambience that serves as a breeding ground for the exchange of exemplary ideas to grow and fertile to make our future better for humanity