Eli Hadzhieva

Eli Hadzhieva studied economics and political science at the Middle East Technical University, the University of Manchester, King’s College London, Sciences Po Paris and the École Nationale d’Administration. After joining the OECD as a consultant and serving at the AFET, DROI, LIBE and INTA Committees of the European Parliament as a parliamentary attaché, she founded EURELIZ EU consultancy company and Dialogue for Europe ASBL in 2012-2014. She elaborated expert studies on the role of the EU in international organisations, digital economy and European elections while writing articles in multiple languages for the Parliament Magazine, Euronews, Le Soir, l’OBS, Revue Études Européennes, Euractiv, EUobserver, New Europe etc. in various topics, including the European Neighbourhood policy, human rights, security and defence, radicalisation, immigration, trade and climate change.